Cable Ties – Black/Natural (80mm – 1500mm)

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Black & Natural / White Nylon Cable Zip Ties


?These high quality plastic cable ties are manufactured from NYLON 66, and are UL approved.

Sizes available are

80mm x 2.5mm

100mm x 2.5mm

120mm x 2.5mm

140mm x 3.6mm

160mm x 2.5mm

160mm x 4.8mm

180mm x 3.6mm

200mm x 2.5mm

200mm x 4.8mm

200mm x 7.6mm

250mm x 7.6mm

280mm x 12.7mm

300mm x 3.6mm

300mm x 4.8mm

300mm x 7.6mm

370mm x 4.8mm

370mm x 7.6mm

380mm x 12.7mm

390mm x 4.8mm

430mm x 9.0mm

450mm x 7.6mm

500mm x 4.8mm

530mm x 9.0mm

540mm x 7.6mm

550mm x 12.7mm

630mm x 4.8mm

710mm x 9.0mm

730mm x 12.7mm

780mm x 9mm

914mm x 9.0mm

1030mm x 12.7mm

1500mm x 9.0mm

Colours available are


Please note the white cable ties are semi opaque in colour, and sometimes referred to as “Natural”

Simply select from the drop down menu above and select Amount, Size &?Colour.

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80mm x 2.5mm, 100mm x 2.5mm, 120mm x 2.5mm, 140mm x 3.6mm, 160mm x 2.5mm, 160mm x 4.8mm, 180mm x 3.6mm, 200mm x 2.5mm, 200mm x 4.8mm, 200mm x 7.6mm, 250mm x 7.6mm, 280mm x 12.7mm, 300mm x 3.6mm, 300mm x 4.8mm, 300mm x 7.6mm, 370mm x 4.8mm, 370mm x 7.6mm, 380mm x 12.7mm, 390mm x 4.8mm, 430mm x 9.0mm, 450mm x 7.6mm, 500mm x 4.8mm, 530mm x 9.0mm, 540mm x 7.6mm, 550mm x 12.7mm, 630mm x 4.8mm, 710mm x 9.0mm, 730mm x 12.7mm, 780mm x 9mm, 914mm x 9.0mm, 1030mm x 12.7mm, 1500mm x 9.0mm


Black, Natural