Releasable & Reusable Cable Ties

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Releasable & Reusable Cable Ties
Our Releasable cable ties have a built in small & easy-to-use releasable tab which means you can remove & reuse these cable ties time and time again saving costs

Cable Tie Technical Data

Cable Tie Material Nylon: Nylon 66
Cable Tie Working Temperature Range: -40?C to 85?C
Cable Tie UL Flammability Rating: UL 94
Cable Tie Oxygen Index: 25% – 28%
Cable Tie Water Absorption (24 hrs): 1.3%
Cable Tie Smoke Density: Flaming 35, Non Flaming 13


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100mm x 3.6mm, 150mm x 4.8mm, 150mm x 7.6mm, 200mm x 4.8mm, 200mm x 7.6mm, 250mm x 4.8mm, 250mm x 7.6mm, 300mm x 4.8mm, 300mm x 7.6mm, 370mm x 4.8mm, 370mm x 7.6mm, 450mm x 9.0mm


Black, Natural